Bubble artist for parties

Nothing else attracts a crowd so quickly, sends children into such an ecstatic frenzy, or puts silly grins on so many grown-ups’ faces as bubbles and balloons.

I am a bubble entertainer specializing in creating smiles and memories that will last a lifetime. My bubble creations totally engulf an indoor bubble party or out, as my captivated audience is immersed in the transitory masterpieces and then some young volunteer joins me to be decked in a bubble hairdo or to be enveloped in the life-size bubbles that materialized around them. No one of any age can resist reaching for the glistening spheres and hazy rings, as they drift by and momentarily popped, leaving everyone awash in remnants of the soapy marvels. Bubbles. The impenetrably complex dance of surface-tension forces and invisible air movements. The beauty of swirling color patters as waves of light interact after reflecting from both sides of a layer of water as microscopically thin as a bacterium.

The awesome feats are augmented by bubble-making machines, colorful lighting, a musical soundscape, and interesting facts about the composition of bubbles, their history, philosophical ponderings about their magical qualities of bubbles.

As a bubble party entertainer, I will not only engage everyone’s imaginations, delight their eyes, and boggle their minds (as well as yours!), I will also introduce them to the pleasures of a live performance while restoring a sense of childlike wonderment in everyone.

I have been entertaining and amazing audiences for over 15 years. I’ll turn your next event into a bubble and balloon extravaganza unlike anything you or your guests have ever experienced.

Just tell me the start time, duration, and location of your party—and your entertainment work is completely done! Custom options and additional bubblers are available to add even more fun! Book early as weekend dates often fill months in advance!

Together we’ll customize a bubble spectacular, twisted balloon artistry, or a little bit of both. You name the event ….. I’ll create the magical memories!

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