Bubble show

Things to do for kids birthday parties

What child or adult does not love bubbles and balloons.

My bubble kids show is great bubble entertainment for birthday parties, special events, or any type of celebration. Why Bubble Show Plus – Not all bubble artist for parties are the same. I have been entertaining children and adults for over 15 years. My custom built tools, lights, solutions, along with balloons, allow me to create bubbles and balloons unlike you have ever seen before.

INDOOR BUBBLE PARTIES – Child and COVID friendly show

I employ a wide array of bubble-making wands, hoops, and loops, bubble-blowing tubes of bamboo, glass, plastic, secret-formula bubble solution, and a smoke vapor atomizer, to create mind-blowing excitement for young and old alike.

Our full Indoor Bubble party performance is a unique, inspiring, educational, and special entertainment package Extraordinaire for your party or event with beautiful soap bubbles in all shapes and sizes. Enjoy bouncy bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles, animal bubbles, Bubble caterpillar, bubble volcano, dancing bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles, giant bubbles, fire bubbles, and even putting a person inside of a bubble! The Bubble show is interactive and is suitable for all ages. Children and adults all enjoy the unique bubbling!

A draft-free indoor space with a minimum ‘stage’ area of 8’x8’ is needed. The floor in your home or venue will be covered with high absorbency mats, so there is no mess for you to worry about. The Bubble Show length can vary between 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour. This can comfortably fill your party, allowing time for the children to arrive before the show and then to have a break for your party food & games after the show.

In Large Indoor Events, we can perform our full indoor bubble show, in large scale and amplified for large audiences such as school assemblies, libraries and theatres – the full length show lasts 60 minutes but can also come in a shortened 30-minute or 45- minute version according to your needs. Alternatively, for corporate entertainment, weddings or meet & greet space we can create dazzling bubble art creations with beautiful background music to suite your desired atmosphere.

In outdoor events, we can provide an informal activity space where children can enjoy chasing and playing with giant bubbles while the adults get to enjoy the beauty of the bubble show. We have performed in schools, nurseries, nursing homes, museums, libraries, and festivals. Our Bubble shows and balloon creations are suitable for birthdays, weddings, promotional events, sports events, shopping malls, festivals, special needs individuals, Purim, Upsherin, Hannukah, along with any type of party or celebration.

Just tell me the start time, duration, and location of your party—and your entertainment work is completely done! Custom options and additional bubblers are available to add even more fun! Book early as weekend dates often fill months in advance!

Together we’ll customize a bubble spectacular, twisted balloon artistry, or a little bit of both. You name the event ….. I’ll create magical memories!

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